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Ludo Themed Watch Strap | Apple Watch Strap

Ludo Themed Watch Strap | Apple Watch Strap

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Wrist Size

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Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay,

PayPal / Alipay / AlipayHK / Apple Pay / Google Pay


Hong Kong: 1-3 working days

South East Asia: 5-7 working days

Europe and US: 2-4 weeks


Store in a dry place, keep away from the humid environment
Avoid prolonged direct heat or sunlight
For light dirt or sweat, rub the strap gently with a dry, clean cloth
To remove dirt, clean it with damp or lint-free cloth, using hand or saddle soap.  Gently rubbing the surface
If your leather gets wet, dry it with paper towels, pack it loosely
Dry with air-dry, avoid using hair-dryers
              CASE SIZE

              Unique design especially for?classic game or HK culture lovers.

              HK Culture & Food Theme

              Check out more other Hong Kong culture patterns:

              • Ludo
              • Ice Cream
              • Fish Ball
              • Shao Mai
              • Egg Tart

              *Quick-release straps with detachable lugs included

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