Our Leather


The density of texture is higher - more luxurious, valuable & durable than other mid-priced leather. That's why many famous watch brands, such as Rolex, Patek Phillippe, etc. love using alligators for watch bands.

Soft, smooth & highly elastic. Genuine leather, unlike fake one, has a good ability of water-absorbency during hot weather, plus will not be broken down or peel off easily.

Alligators are with unique patterns on their belly or tails, thus every piece’s pattern is different. In another word, the art piece you bought is unique, one and only, nobody will have the same pattern as yours.

Due to the highest density of skins, the barrel-dyed colors are bright and elegantly tone to tone that absolutely cannot be compared with other leathers.

Compared to other mid-priced leather materials such as cowhide and ostrich skin, alligator leather is much more luxurious, high class, so classified as high-priced leather.

Besides the quality, we have glazed/shiny and semi-matte finishing as well as more than 40 colors to match your style.

Clean the leather straps regularly, take them off several times per day, use a dry towel to absorb sweat or water if necessary. Leaving it unused at the end of the day will lengthen the lifespan of alligator leather straps.



Gives off a bright sheen making it look luxurious. That's the dream of ladies’ Hermes handbags that use this kind of leather, or extremely durable wallets by Prada.

Hard, firm & wear-resistant, and lighter than other leathers. It takes a while for this lightweight leather to take its shape on your wrist, but it holds its shape very well and fits extremely comfortably afterward.

Due to the high level of scratch-resistant, durable & slightly water-resistant the Epsom leather provides, it makes watch straps looking pristine and helps to enhance the life expectancy itself.

Very easy to maintain and clean. Grimes or stains can be easily wiped off with a damp towel.



Even people specializing in genuine leather sometimes find it difficult to distinguish real from fake leather because of sophisticated tricks used by fake material producers.

Inevitably, man-made leather products mingle in the market, making customers confused to discern with real leather ones.

However difficult it may be, there are some ways of realization thanks to the precious experience of a leather craftsman.

For example, if the price is too low, don’t expect it's a genuine alligator leather watch strap. Right from the stages of ordering, tanning until the finishing, and complicated sewing, it is unlikely that a genuine leather product has a low price.



Due to the government regulations on wildlife protection, it is almost impossible to have real leather from an alligator living in wild nature. Alligator skins we used are originated from fed animals, with meat and bones, raised by a human under strict rules, instead of coming from wild alligators.

We are acknowledged to know its species, American Alligator Mississippiensis from the USA and it is limited in quantities with a quota to be offered in the market all over the world per year.