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Semi-Matte Alligator Replacement Strap | Apple Watch Strap

Semi-Matte Alligator Replacement Strap | Apple Watch Strap

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Semi-matte Alligator

Strap Information

Strap Length: 75mm (Short) 115mm (Long)

Wrist Size

150mm - 215mm

Payment Method

We accept the following payment methods:

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay,

PayPal / Alipay / AlipayHK / Apple Pay / Google Pay


Hong Kong: 1-3 working days

South East Asia: 5-7 working days

Europe and US: 2-4 weeks


Store in a dry place, keep away from the humid environment
Avoid prolonged direct heat or sunlight
For light dirt or sweat, rub the strap gently with a dry, clean cloth
To remove dirt, clean it with damp or lint-free cloth, using hand or saddle soap.  Gently rubbing the surface
If your leather gets wet, dry it with paper towels, pack it loosely
Dry with air-dry, avoid using hair-dryers
              Case Size

              Apple Watch Semi-Matte Alligator Leather Straps

              • Suitable for apple watch series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 S. 8, 9, SE, Ultra & Ultra 2
              • Fits with watch case size 38/40/41/42/44/45/49 mm
              • Semi matt Alligator Leather with European vegan leather lining
              • Natural material, elastic-like skin
              • Wrist size 145-170mm
              • 8 colors for the buckle

              *Quick-release straps with detachable lugs included *

              Alligator is expensive to grow, so it takes a longer time to grow, and their related products typically take more time to make out of this material than with, such as cow leather.

              Alligator has skinned curing off its belly, making the strap softer and smoother. Every piece of leather strap is a handmade cut that can show the pattern's scale. Chrome tanning removed minor blemishes, uniformed color, and thickness and maintained colorfast.


              Jessenia Original conforms to the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES) - an International agreement between governments, to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals & plants does not threaten the survival of the species.

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