Apple Watch 5 vs SE vs 6 - Comparison with Functions and Prices

Apple released new generations of the Apple Watch in 2020 - A year after Apple Watch 5 in September 2019, the established gadget company released two new models of the famous watch series - Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6.

Aside from being communication gadgets, these devices were envisioned to become high-end, easy-to-use tools for health and fitness. Each watch has unique features which suit the needs of every user.  



If you are planning to purchase your own Apple Watch, which one should you buy? Here is a guide that will walk you through the concern and assist you with your purchase.

Below are some of the most important specifications and comparisons between the three watch series. 



Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch 6

Release Date

September 2019

September 18, 2020

September 18, 2020

Price Range

From $399

From $279 - $329

From $399 - $499

Operating System 

watchOS 6.0, upgradable to 7.5

watchOS 7.0, upgradable to 7.5

watchOS 7.0, upgradable to 7.5


Apple S5

Apple S5

Apple S6


Always-on Retina Display

Retina Display

Always-on Retina Display


Accelerometer,  2nd Gen Optical Heart Sensor, ECG app, Barometer, Gyro, Compass, GPS

Accelerometer, Always-on altimeter, 2nd Gen Optical Heart Sensor, Barometer, Gyro, Compass, altimeter, GPS

Blood Oxygen Sensor, Always-on altimeter, Accelerometer, ECG app, 3rd Gen Optical Heart Sensor, Barometer, Gyro, Compass, GPS

Available Colors

Space Black, Silver, Gold

Silver, Gold, Space Gray

Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Blue, Product RED, Graphite, Space Black, Titanium


Each Apple Watch is unique in its way, and what matters most to us as users is identifying which one fits our needs best. So with that question in mind, how can you choose the appropriate model for you? 

Apple Watch SE: The most affordable watch with all basic Apple Watch functions 


The first tip, if you don't have an Apple Watch yet, but you are planning to purchase one, then SE might be the suitable model for you! SE variant is cheaper than Series 5 and 6, making it perfect for those who want an Apple Watch experience.

A good deal of perks despite the low price - SE allows you to keep track of your health by recording your sleeping patterns, heart rate through a 2nd gen optical heart sensor, and elevation statistics during workout via the always-on altimeter. SE is a go-to Apple Watch as it also retains the luxurious design and OLED display as other variants.

Apple Watch Series 5: The first 32GB Apple Watch with great functions

Transitioning from Series 4, Apple Watch 5's newest feature is the high-speed S5 chip, which is more capable of handling the latest functions of the gadget. Series 5 is also the first variant to have 32GB internal storage, providing you the opportunity to save more data and music.

Furthermore, it has an always-on retina display with an energy-saving OLED screen that helps you keep track of updates easily. More than a health and fitness device, this was also the first to include International Emergency Calling, enabling emergency calls in over 150 countries. Talk about a fitness and communication device in one! 

Apple Watch Series 6: Apple Watch with the most comprehensive built-in functions especially Blood Oxygen Sensor


If you would like to have an all-day peace of mind by keeping track of your health, Apple's newest flagship watch, Series 6, has a unique function that helps you oversee your blood oxygen levels.

This function works with an in-watch sensor through infrared photography, which measures your blood oxygen saturation and provides results based on your current state. The blood oxygen app also provides users immediate data about their safety during physical activities or exercise routines.  


In addition, its sleep monitoring feature also keeps track of your sleep/nap time that, in return, will help you determine your sleeping pattern. These data are recorded in the Health App and can be accessed by users to monitor changes or trends over time.

All these advanced functions can be swiftly processed by the newest S6 chip, which is 20% faster than the S5 chip incorporated in Apple Watch 5 and SE.

Like Series 5, Apple Watch 6 also features an always-on retina display that allows you to check on updates and time whenever—adding the latest sets of colors and designs, Apple Watch 6 lives up to its title of Apple's most innovative watch yet!


In a nutshell, if you're planning to have an Apple Watch experience, you may go for Apple Watch SE, which has practical yet helpful functions. On the other hand, if you are an individual who likes to get a hold of your health data and often does physical activities, then the latest features of the Apple Watch 6, such as the blood oxygen app, fit your needs!

Already own an Apple Watch 5? Not a problem at all! If the blood oxygen app is not essential for you at the moment, the features of the Apple Watch 5 are still great and beneficial for users. As a consumer, you can always have an upgrade anytime, depending on your necessities and interests!

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