27 Less Known Tips for Apple Watch 6 & SE


Having a great time using your Apple Watch at work, at a special gathering, or during your daily routine? If you find it so helpful at this point, we will assist you further to maximize the usage of your gadget through these tips and tricks on the less-known functions of the Apple Watch 6 and SE. Yes, you read that right - Apple Watch 6 and SE are more than just health devices!

An easier way to navigate through the many hidden features of these gadgets is to categorize them based on functionality. Though some are just simple functions compared to smartphones, who wouldn't want to have a written guide for an Apple Watch, right?




How to turn on your apple watch?

How to turn off your apple watch?

How to restore factory settings of your apple watch?

How to hard reset your apple watch?

How to reserve power of your apple watch?

How to turn off power reserve of your apple watch?



How to unlock your iphone with apple watch?

How to unlock your apple watch with iphone?

How to set up passcode for your apple watch?

How to locate your lost iphone with apple watch?



How to activate siri in your apple watch?

How to translate with your apple watch?

How to change the apple watch orientation for left-handed users?

How to run multiple tasks in your apple watch?



How to turn off unread notifications in your apple watch?

How to set an alarm in your apple watch?

How to activate or deactivate apps in your apple watch?

How to set notification privacy for your apple watch?

How to silence notifications of your apple watch?



How to save battery of your apple watch?

How to monitor your sleep with apple watch?

How to set alarm to wake you up with apple watch?



How to customize your apple watch face?

How to share your apple watch spheres?

How to adjust letters size of your apple watch?

How to adjust display & brightness of your apple watch?

How to hide sensitive messages of your apple watch?




Basic, yet most essential function of all

  • Turn on: your Apple Watch 6 or SE by simply pressing and holding the side button until you see the Apple logo.

  • Turn OFF: your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button until you see the Sliders. When this menu popped up, just slide the Power Off option from left to right.

  • Factory Reset: Want to restore the factory settings of your gadget? Factory Reset your watch by opening the Settings App on your gadget, click General, then scroll down to see the Reset option. You will be presented with the Erase All Content and Settings option, and once you click this, just type in your passcode and choose Erase All.

  • Hard Reset: just press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off option. Afterward, press and hold the Digital Crown and connect your device to a power source. Hit the Reset button and wait for the process to end. This option can be done in case you have forgotten your passcode.

  • Turn ON Power Reserve: Are you on a trip and are saving the battery of your watch for other important activities? Turn ON Power Reserve by swiping up from your Apple Watch clock face and tapping Battery Percentage. Just drag the Power Reserve slider then click proceed. Just a heads up - since you are reserving power, you can only see the current time by pressing the side button. Other features cannot be accessed nor can you utilize the connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch during this option.

  • Turn OFF the Power Reserve: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. The feature will automatically be turned off as soon as your watch restarts.



Nowadays, we are always on the go and are required to wear face masks outside. Did you know that you can

unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch 6 or SE while you are wearing a mask? Before you read through, make sure that you are running iOS 14.5 or later and watchOS 7.4 or later.

  • Unlock with Apple watch: Just open your iPhone's Settings and tap Face ID & Passcode. Enter your Passcode then toggle on [Name] Apple Watch under the Unlock with Apple Watch section. This process must be done while your Apple Watch is on your wrist, near your iPhone, unlocked, but protected by a Passcode.

  • Unlock with iPhone: Want to try the reverse idea? Don't worry, because it works! To unlock your Apple Watch using your iPhone, just go to the Apple Watch App in your iPhone > My Watch Tab > Passcode > Unlock with iPhone. After this setting, you should be able to do the same using your Apple Watch!

  • Set up passcode: Get your Apple Watch more protected by setting up a six-digit passcode! For this feature, you may need your iPhone to access the Apple Watch App, go to Passcode, and De-toggle Simple Passcode. Afterward, choose Type in your new six-digit code option and keep your Apple Watch more secure. 

  • Locate your lost iPhone using your Apple Watch:  in seconds by swiping up from the bottom of your watch face > tap on the iPhone symbol. If your iPhone is turned on, your Apple Watch will send out an audible ping to help you locate it.

Take note that your Apple Watch must be connected to your iPhone for functions that mention this relationship. To pair, you must wear your Apple Watch, turn it on, then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. 

Your iPhone must be near to your Apple Watch 6 or SE when you do this next step - wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on your iPhone then tap Continue. Place your iPhone in an appropriate position so that your Apple Watch will appear in your iPhone’s Watch app viewfinder. Tap Set Up for Myself then follow instructions for both devices to complete the setup.



  • Activate Siri: in your Apple Watch by saying "Hey Siri", or by pressing the Digital Crown until it is activated.

  • Translation: Siri is also capable of translating words to 10 languages - just raise your wrist and say for example, "Siri, how do you translate hello in Korean?".

  • Left-handed users: Apple Watch 6 and SE are made for everyone, that is because you can also change their orientation for left-handed users. It is set to be worn on our right wrist, and to change it, just open the Apple Watch app for iPhone and go to My Watch tab > General > Watch Orientation > Change from left, or default back to right.

  • Run multiple tasks at the same time: by pressing the Digital Crown twice in a row to transfer from one page to another. Click the side button once to view all the latest apps in Dock mode.



  • Unread notifications: Don't panic, as the RED dot in your Apple Watch only means that you have unread notifications! To turn this off, access the Watch app on your iPhone, go to Notifications, then Toggle off Notifications Indicator.

  • Set an alarm: for reminders by tapping on the Alarms app in your Apple Watch, or by activating Siri and saying your preferred schedule for reminders. Have a handy device that can make you become alert for commitments!

  • Activate or Deactivate apps: Have a lot of applications installed but only want important ones to provide you an update? Control app which gives you notifications by opening the Watch App on your iPhone then go to Notifications. At the bottom, you can see the list of apps installed on your Apple watch. Feel free to deactivate or activated apps based on your preference!

  • Notification privacy: On the same page, Toggle ON the Notification Privacy if you wish to hide the content of your notifications. You can easily view the content of an alert by simply tapping on it.

  • Silence notifications: An also interesting feature of the Apple Watch 6 and SE is that you can silence your notifications by simply covering the screen with your hand. To enable the feature, go to your Apple Watch Settings > Sounds and vibrations > Turn ON the Cover to mute option.



  • Save battery: Though you wear your Apple Watch 6 or SE all day, you can still continue with your daily workout routine by making this feature consume less battery - access the Watch app on your iPhone, click on the Training option and activate the Save Battery feature.

  • Rest & Sleep: Monitor your rest and see how well you slept by activating the Sleep Mode in Settings > Sleep Options. Reminders will be set based on your preference, and you will be reminded to charge your Apple Watch at least 1 hour before you sleep so that it can last during your rest.

  • Set up alarm: To ensure that you won’t forget to wear your Apple Watch before you sleep, you might want to set up an alarm for you to be reminded!



  • Customize Apple Watch Faces: To view available designs in your collection, just press and hold your clock screen, then swipe from the left or right to choose between your spheres. Tap the face that you want and add desired features using the Edit button below the screen.

  • Share your spheres: Did you know that you can share your spheres? When in the second step of editing your watch face, beside the edit button is the function that will allow you to share the spheres that you have edited or created via iMessage.

  • Adjust letters size: Are the letters in your Apple Watch 6 and SE too small or too big? Adjust the size of the letters according to your needs by accessing the Settings app > Screen and Brightness > Text Size. This will lead you to an interface where you can adjust the font size of texts. You can also choose to Bold the letters if you want them to be more pleasing, or highlight words in your gadget - it's totally up to you!

  • Display & Brightness: Let's face it - the Always-On Display sometimes may be unneeded, based on your activities or current situation. Turn it ON or OFF by going to Settings, and then choose Display and Brightness. You can now adjust this feature by simply tapping on or off.

  • Hide sensitive messages: Want to hide sensitive information while the Always-On display is active? Just activate the Hide Sensitive Complications option below the Always On button in Display and Brightness, and you can now have your calendar, messages, events, and heart rate is hidden when your wrist is down.


    Among all the tech stuff discussed, this might pique your interest if you would like your amazing gadget to be more aesthetic and stylish - be an expert in changing or removing your Apple Watch 6 or SE band by these simple steps.

    1. Take off your Apple Watch and flip it over.
    2. Two buttons will be visible on this view, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the heart rate sensor, on the underside of the case.
    3. Push both buttons in and slide their straps out.
    4. Should you wish to replace it with a new one, just slide another strap in and it will automatically be in place.

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    Discussed are the Apple Watch 6 and SE’s less-known functions that are essential, and can be used on a day-to-day basis. Don’t be confused, as they have the same tricks, even though they are different models! To read the comparisons that we have made between these two models and Apple Watch 5, feel free to view our previous blog on Apple Watch 5/SE/6 Comparison with Functions and Prices.


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